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  • Welcome to Resource Power Consultancy
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  • Welcome to Resource Power Consultancy

Resource Power Consultancy:
A premium integrated IT infrastructure & Manpower solutioning farm

Resource Power Consultancy aims to be a premium integrated IT & HR solutioning firm, with a focus on Infrastructure Managed services, Recruitment & Staffing solutions, Enterprise solutions, Infra support services, Security infrastructure management, Mobility, Network & server support, Managed Services, AMC, PAN INDIA On Call Support, CCTV services etc.
We’re experts in IT Services and Solutions, working with businesses of all shapes and sizes in a wide variety of different industries - from SMBs, Call center setups to large enterprises.
With over 9 years of IT infrastructure & managed service experience and skilled technical specialists, RPC is having standing strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading OEMs and we provide of customers a reliable & cost-effective IT services to grow their business.
RPC, also has 10 years of Manpower recruitment and staffing experience. We cater to our customers to overcome hiring challenges and provide staffing solutions.
RPC team is also well equipped with providing Manpower Hiring Solutions across all management levels.

Our Services & Solutions

Manpower Solutions

To sustain and excel in this immensely competitive business world you need to adopt strategies like the HR outsourcing services – that are cost effective as well as productive. More leading business houses are increasingly showing interest on outsourcing their non-core operations like managing the HR and maintaining the payroll etc.

IT Infrustructure Solutions

Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilization by continuously monitoring your existing infrastructure. We fulfil our Service Level Agreements in a quick and fuss-free manner ensuring the optimal performance levels required for your business unit goals are met.

Talent Acquisition : How We Do !

We have evolved with the changing needs of the industry, globally and locally; and has built solid and far-reaching relationships with clients and candidates. The firm has built name recognition and a reputation for its grasp of cultural factors, changing demographics and professional environments. The preeminent stringent practice adopted to recruit candidates for our clients encompasses:

  • Portal Hiring
  • Network Hiring
  • Social Network Hiring
  • Campus Selection
  • Research Mapping
  • Generic resourcing
  • RPC is involved in BULK Hiring/ Executive search and Niche skill hiring across all levels and varied industries.

Payroll Functions

Our Payroll solutions are well-suited for small and medium enterprises. Built on an innovative and robust technology platform. The solution is highly process-driven and secure. The employer and the employee can access their information over the Internet to the pre-defined depth of detail.
The other aspects of the service are:


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